I set out to design a beer can that would stand out on shelves and draw the consumer in. Fun, light, and summery, Frog House Brewery's Groovy Citrus IPA is that beer can.
For this project I created a fully printable can wrap design, as well as a designed six pack container. These deliverables give a good feel of what my product may look like on shelves.
Since the name of this beer is Groovy, I opted to choose fonts that represented the feeling of grooviness well, while still visually meshing with the light & summery shapes & colors throughout the rest of my design. Blenny Black works well as a display font because it has high visual contrast and the curvy organic style of the 60's and 70's that screams "groovy". I opted to use Coolvetica for my body copy, because it is visually cohesive with Blenny, while being more legible at smaller sizes.
Lastly, I created a flat-lay of a fully printable can wrap.
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